Sun ONE + Pointbase + DbVisualizer = woe !

Sun ONE + Pointbase + DbVisualizer = woe !

Post by Phil Lati » Sun, 20 Apr 2003 01:46:37

Is Pointbase the best solution for running an embedded database?

I want to develop an application (which will run on a laptop) that uses an
embedded database using Sun ONE studio and went with Pointbase as it seemed
the market leader. Problem is the documentation already assumes you are a
rocket scientist, not a space cadet like me.

I have used DbVisualizer for over a year with MySQL but can't get the damn
thing to connect to Pointbase. I wanted to create the database first because
I have already created an ERD, stick in some sample data and then start on
the Java code.

One important factor is that I need the application to communicate with a
MySQL server to both upload and download data.

Would really like some feedback as I am beginning to get a bit lost.