ADO DataControl and updates.

ADO DataControl and updates.

Post by James Lattanzi » Tue, 12 Jun 2001 19:57:57


    I set the recordsource of an ADO data control to a SQL 7 query. The
control is the data source for the fields of a form. When I type into
the fields and then do .update the results are reflected in the SQL
table. When I try to stuff a field directly i.e.
ADODC.recordset.field("Name").value = "Jimmy" and do the .update it
doesn't take in the SQL table. Anybody know why?

James Lattanzio


ADO DataControl and updates.

Post by Luke Zha » Wed, 13 Jun 2001 18:17:03

Hi James,

If you bind the filed to a Text box, it will always use the value in the
Text box to update the recordset. If you want to update the field manully ,
you can temporarily unbind the field and bind it again after updating.