parameter-query in VB

parameter-query in VB

Post by Nicolas Kauffma » Tue, 13 Jun 1995 04:00:00

If I write:

  Set qdCHILD = dbDatabase.OpenQueryDef("QueryCHILD")

  qdCHILD!Param1 = dyPARENT!Field_A  'Dynaset on PARENT already exists
  qdCHILD!Param2 = dyPARENT!Field_B

  Set dyCHILD = qdCHILD.CreateDynaset()
  MsgBox "# rows in dyCHILD depending on PARENT: " & dyCHILD.RecordCount

... it works! I get different correct counts.
But coding the following two lines creates an error:

  dtaCHILD.RecordSource = qdCHILD    'Data-control binding to QueryDef
  'VB-Error: "2 parameters were expected but only 0 were supplied"

b rgds
Nicolas Kauffmann


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Thank you in advance,

    Nuno Ferreira

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