small project from newbie

small project from newbie

Post by bpchi » Sun, 14 Jun 1998 04:00:00

i need some help!!!!!
i did a diary small project,
and use data control,
the database is create by dbase 5.0,
my databasename property is "D:\programming\diary",
so when i create a installation file,
and run in other computer, it cannot found the database,
i think maybe cause the databasename property is "D:\programming\diary",

so it always look at this directory, and i right?
so how can i change it?
if needed, i can send that source code file to yours,
those about 20k only, just a small project.



small project from newbie

Post by Lorrin L. William » Sun, 14 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Try the following line to get where the DB is:

Dim strDBPath As String

strDBPath = App.Path & "\'name of file'"

This is how I do my project so it finds it in case the user changes the
installation path.

Lorrin L. Williams
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small project from newbie

Post by Wim Hoef » Tue, 16 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Hi Lorrin,

Sorry to interrupt, but i just read your answer to the question about
the pathname of a dbase-file (microsoft.public.vb.database newsgroup)
and i wondered if you can help me. Do you know also a possibility to use

the 'app.path-solution' or another solution when  making use of crystall


I would be very pleased if you could answer me.



1. my small and small project... --+

I'm korean high school student.
(I'm afraid... can you understand total my question? ....)

my project is...
    asp(iis 3.0) + SQL server 6.5 + Visual J++ ....
It is the service site send card on reservation date...
um... if user input 98/6/18 (in reservation date form), time checking
function is always folling(?)
the database(like mail server). The mail will be sent to reciever on
reservation date 98/6/18...

the card recieved server is saved on database. the field is like as...
fromto, rcpttp, data...
they are SMTP header-field. In 98/6/18, the mail on database is sent on SMTP
I'm designing SMTP. It's not easy for me...

Mail's contents are saved on database by several field I made.
I can't design adaptive(?) protocol... <<- It's my problem....
The backgound image in cards are sent to reciever ,too.
I think MIME's header field is included.... don't you?

.... I'm korean. I wish there is only one man understood my question....
the problem is SMTP(included image file). The card is on server database....


                seung hee. Jung

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