Vb5 and Access question

Vb5 and Access question

Post by remove-1234hrib.. » Mon, 09 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I have a vb5 app that I am working on  Here a routine I use to populate a
listbox with fields from the access DB

Public Sub cmdList_Click()

WaterList.Clear ' Clear all entries from the Listbox

Set DB = OpenDatabase("c:\mydocu~1\fish.mdb")
Set SNAPPWater = DB.CreateSnapshot("water_quality")

Print SNAPPWater.Fields.Count
While Not SNAPPWater.EOF
Dat$ = SNAPPWater.Fields("DATE")
Tim$ = SNAPPWater.Fields("Time")
Amm$ = SNAPPWater.Fields("Ammonia")
pH$ = SNAPPWater.Fields("ph")
Nitrate$ = SNAPPWater.Fields("Nitrate")
Nitrite$ = SNAPPWater.Fields("Nitrite")
Alk$ = SNAPPWater.Fields("Alkalinity")
Hardness$ = SNAPPWater.Fields("Hardness")
Temp$ = SNAPPWater.Fields("Temperature")

Item$ = Dat$ + "  " + Tim$ + "  " + Amm$ + "       " + pH$ + "         " +
Nitrate$ + "       " + Nitrite$ + "        " + Alk$ + "          " +
Hardness$ + "               " + Temp$

    WaterList.AddItem Item$
    WaterList.ItemData(WaterList.NewIndex) = SNAPPWater.Fields("WaterID")

end sub

On th same form I have  fex txts fields that one can enter in and add to
the access db. What I want to do is if someone clicks on the item in the
list box the text boxes above will show that record.. How can I accomplish
this task?

The following line:

 WaterList.ItemData(WaterList.NewIndex) = SNAPPWater.Fields("WaterID")

stores the WaterID from the db, how can I use this to re-populate the txt
field with the item the person clicked on (so that and edit this text if
they so chose)

I hope I didnt confuse anyone :)

If I did drop me email and I will try and explain better :)



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