Binding txtbox cmb & datagrid

Binding txtbox cmb & datagrid

Post by Geof » Tue, 17 Dec 2002 01:11:59

Here's hoping someone can give me a bit of advise.
I am not sure what is best to use controls or code.
and how it will bind together so I can use a datagrid,
I have a global connection
(using employee & task to explain it would resemble the following)

Table1 = Employee

Table2 =Tasks

Task Form
I want to assign an Employee to a Task
I have the task shown in a text box = txtTask
(move next and the form moves to the next task)
Under the txtTask I want a combo containing all the employees

Below I want a datagrid that lists in each row the task and the assigned
I can do it OK with the text & combo because they are separate recordsets
that are bound but how do I introduce the datagrid.
So the records can be navigated by that.
I also need to add new tasks
(is this possible or do I need to separate that).

I know its all a bit "I want this, I want that ", but any help on the way to
go, would be Appreciated