*******DATABASE CONVERSION*****************

*******DATABASE CONVERSION*****************

Post by Mick O'Rourk » Fri, 18 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Do you wish to have VB create the database and all the tables or just import
the data from the DBF format into tables already created in the .MDB

>Does anyone know how to convert databases from dbf to mdb in VB not in
>I will pay money for the code.



*******DATABASE CONVERSION*****************

Post by John Fium » Sat, 19 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Does anyone know how to convert databases from dbf to mdb in VB not in
I will pay money for the code.



1. SQL database conversion from Borland InterBase to a Linux SQL database

Okay, I'm no database expert, which is why I'm asking.

What I'm running now:

I'm using a data manager with Pro Engineer for part and drawing storage and
management.  It uses Borland Interbase 5.1 via SQL and TCP/IP.  I currently
have a small database which is use to access a number of large data files on
the NT server it's running on.  The client relies on a BDE alias to access
the database server.

What I want to do.

I want to go to a Linux server, running either samba or netware so the
clients can access the database and files.  To do that I want to convert the
Interbase database to some other format so I can run it on a database on
Linux.  The BDE alias setup can create aliases for standard, DB2, informix,
oracle, sybase, interbase, mssql and access databases.  I am thinking that
Oracle, sybase or informix are what I want to be looking at for linux, but a
'standard' alias would probably just issue generic SQL requests.  I'm not a
company, just a personal user, but that will probably change in a few years,
so I want a solution that doesn't tie me into paying huge licensing fees if
I do become comercial, and even then I am looking at 2-3 users max.

Given the above information, does anyone have any suggestions about how to
proceed or what software to consider, in paticular how to convert the
database, I was think ODBC, does that sound stupid?

Thanks in advance

Paul Blamire

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