Loading Images from Access into Image Control

Loading Images from Access into Image Control

Post by Preferred Custome » Sat, 22 Nov 1997 04:00:00


My program reads an Access 7.0 database and then populates a label control
array with names. I'm trying to get the program to load an image control
array with either OLE objects in the Access table or by using a reference to
an actual bitmap.

Here's the code:
'recEmpInfo is my recordset
With recEmpInfo
        i = 0
        Do Until .EOF
         Image1(i).Visible = True
         Image1(i).Picture = recEmpInfo!Image   ' *** Here's where it
doesn't work
         Image1(i).ToolTipText = recEmpInfo!Tooltip
         lblEmpName(i).Visible = True
         lblEmpName(i).Caption = recEmpInfo!Name
             i = i + 1
    End With

I've also tried using code like this:

        Picture = recEmpInfo!Image
        Image1(i).Picture = LoadPicture([Picture])

to pass a location like c:\temp\picture.bmp to the LoadPicture
function....no deal. I keep getting type mismatch and a wonderful assortment
of other messages. The problem is definitely in the *** noted line of code.

Can a wiseperson please help me?

Thanks in advance!



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I have and application that uses several tables to generate reports. (VB
4.0-32 and MS-Jet-3.0).  Only one of these tables store image data (dib's,
mostly 256-greyscale bmp's) and that is stored in a Long Binary field.
I have several different forms, each which acts as a front end for a
separate database.  Six of these forms use a routine library which uses DAO
routines to access the data.  The seventh one stores the images in the Long
Binary fields, and I have had to use a data control in order to load the
images into a picturebox control automatically.  Because of the extra code
that I  had to write into this form so that the data won't be corrupted
accidentally by the user, this is a real pain.

  I have seen hints that there is a way to transfer the images directly from
the Long Binary field to the Image or PictureBox controls and vice versa,
but I have been unable to figure out how so far!

Any suggestions?  Any help would be welcome!

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