Using Access 2.0 via ODBC from VB

Using Access 2.0 via ODBC from VB

Post by Steve Atw » Mon, 19 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I'm starting a new project, and I need some input from people that have
successfully used MS Access 2.0 via ODBC from VB.

Why would anyone want to use ODBC to get to Access from VB?

Well, the reason is that we want to make  the application as generic as
possible so that later on it will be much easier to convert the system from a
VB/Access system to a VB/SQL Server system.

I would like input on tips/techniques  used to make the application as easy as
possible to modify later on if we decide to convert it to use SQL Server
instead of  Access.


Using Access 2.0 via ODBC from VB

Post by Magnus Gudmundss » Tue, 20 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Quote:>I'm starting a new project, and I need some input from people that have
>successfully used MS Access 2.0 via ODBC from VB.

Apparently it can not be done.  Somewhere in the support mechanism, I am
tempted to point at JET although I am not sure, there is an if statement that
returns an error if you try to connect to an access (*.mdb) database
via ODBC.  This at least is what happens if you use the bound controls, which
I am sure most would agree is the preferred way.

We had the same problem here and our solution was to postpone speculations
of platform independency for a while.

Of course there may be 3rd parties that sell data bound controls that do not
suffer from this, somewhat embarrassing, problem.

See also previous discussions in this group.

Magnus G.
EJS inc.


1. Using MS Access 2.0 db's via ODBC from Delphi v1.0 with transactions

Hello all:

I have a wierd question regarding using transactions in Delphi connected to MS
Access databases via ODBC..
I have:
        Access 2.0
        Delphi 1.0 C/S
        Microsoft ODBC Desktop  Driver Pack 2.0, Version: 2.00.2317,
                Date: 11/18/94, Size: 246,928

I can connect from delphi to Access databases just fine, reading, updating
running queries is NO problem.. the problem occurs when I try to run
transactions.. I get 'General SQL Error'... I have tried ALL the settings for
SQL Passthruogh mode in Borlands BDE configuration, and also all the settings
in the actual database object.. NO luck.. I called Microsoft, and they told me
that I have the latest ODBC drivers.. (they are from MS subscription CD's)

Some more general info:
        I need transactions in order to be able to rollback all the changes
made to the database if an error occurs... neither Paradox, dBase, nor Fox Pro
support that!  I know Access does, because I have worked with Access for
around 2 years now.  
I am however, open to suggestions if anyone can recommend a good _desktop_
database to run under Delphi that support transactions and multiple memo
fields per table.. (I had problems with getting creating more than 1 memo
field in BTrieve tables)..

Thank you for your help,
                        Igor Papirov


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