Q: D3-InterBase performance breaks down on some clients

Q: D3-InterBase performance breaks down on some clients

Post by Kappele » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Dear Reader,

I have developed a client server application with DELPHI 3.0, using
Interbase 4.2.
The clients are running on Win95, the Interbase Server on Win-NT 4. The
Database contains about 50 tables. The communication bases on TCP/IP.

Some of the clients are working fine, other are very slow, 50-100 times
slower then the other.
I found out, that the time is lost at opening the tables: the "ill"
clients need
5 seconds to open one table.
During this ill behavior the processor load is 100 % and there is many
trafic on the network.

Sometimes the normal (fast) behavior returns if I restore an old registry
to this client,
sometimes there is no effect. Then I must reinstall the OS Win95.

The ill behavior comes without any detectable reason between two sessions
of a client.
It is independent from the load of the server. The client stays slowly
whether this client is the only one.


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Hi Folks,
we'd discouvered a little (hope so) problem with our SQLServer's behavior relating to client breakdown while being blocked by another transaction. After user had switched off his computer, SQLServer did not notice, that client had broke down and did not remove it.

So we could duplicate the problem as follows:
First Process:
 begin transaction
 create table that_is_not_funny (
  field1 int null

After doing that, we'd created a 2nd process and tried the following:
 insert into that_is_not_funny values (1)

It's not a miracle, 2nd process 'hang', but we tried to act like desired user und swiched our computer off. You do not believe: Both blocking processes reside on SQLServer as now!!!!

My question: Is there any possibility, to let SQLServer notice, that such clients are not longer alive?

Thanxx in advance...

Michael Busch

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