Runing DAO DLL in non-MFC application

Runing DAO DLL in non-MFC application

Post by Mark Jarma » Tue, 19 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I've (finally) created a small sample DLL which uses DAO objects in VC5. I
can call it from a small application written also in VC5, but when I call it
from a third party application (Toolbook 6.2 in this case), the DLL causes
exception errors.

I've had no problems calling other DLLs from toolbook in the past. I am just
wondering if there is anything extra that I need to do to get the DAO DLL to
work on non-VC applications. (The DAO SDK has been installed on the
computer, but do I need to explicitly link/call the library DLLs from within


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Hello All,

Is there a possibility to use the MSJet routines with Visual C++ 6.0 when
NOT using MFC.
I have my own set of classes to create my own programs and would like easy
database support.
I have used DBF files before but i need to switch to .MDB files

I don't think i need the complete DAO routines, i only want to create tables
and Indexes (Like DBF files).
Could somebody tell me where i can find the documentation (of functions
group) to do this ? (i have looked at the MSDN CD's but all i can find are
the MFC classes !!)

I hope somebody can help me with this..
Thanks in advance,


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