True DBGrid - Unbound columns - Filter

True DBGrid - Unbound columns - Filter

Post by Peter Lans » Tue, 22 May 2001 20:53:54


I'm working with True DBGrid Pro 7.0 in bound mode plus two unbound
columns which retrieve their data in the UnboundColumnFetch() method.
Without filters everything works fine, but whenever a filter is set on
the datasource for the bound columns, the information in the unbound
columns disappears and calling the RefetchCol() method has no effect
(which means that the UnboundColumnFetch() method is not even called).

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


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This is sort of a reposting, but actually the question is different...I figured
out the previous answer :)

I'm using True DBGrid Pro 5 with some FoxPro tables.  I'm also using a join
query on tables with non-unique indexes...Thus, I can't edit the underlying
table, but that's ok, since I don't want to.
What I want to do is have one unbound column, where the user can fill in a vlue
which will somewhat accompany the rest of the record on that row.  What I
actually do is write that value, along with the information in the grid, to
another table.  I don't need these values to persist if the query changes, only
while that particular query is there.  What happens now is that when I move off
the row, the value in the unbound column goes away,

I searched the manual, and the website, ad found a reference to using a
recordset clone to store the values of the unbound columns.  That part works -
tried it, and the array indeed stores the values.  But the help then says to
read off the array in the UnboundColumnFetch event.  Problem is, since I'm not
editing the underlying table (which is one of the premises of doing this), that
event isn't fired!  And it seems that trying to assign the value for a given
cell in the unbound columns programatically does nothing - it has to be read by
the grid when it wants to.

Has anyone successfully gotten this to work?   What piece of the puzzle am I


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