True DBGrid

True DBGrid

Post by Clif » Thu, 05 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Can anyone tell me what the actual file name is for the
True DBGrid Vrs 4.0 license file????????

Any help would be appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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1. APEX True DBGrid vs. Sheridan DATA WIDGETS DBGrid

Does anyone out there have experience with one or both of these DBGrids in
unbound mode?  Do you have strong feelings about the quality of either

I am currently using the APEX True DBGrid in unbound extended mode.  I am
happy with the performance of the grid, but the code provided by APEX for
the _unboundDataReadEx event is not the easiest to understand.  I downloaded
Sheridan's DBGrid and reviewed their code for the same event and it reads
very well.  As a result, I am a little concerned about the maintainability
of my current DBGrid choice.

Anyone out their have any opinions?


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