GPF with Rich Textbox Control

GPF with Rich Textbox Control

Post by John Beatt » Thu, 09 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Hi -

NT 4.0 (1381), VB 4.0, and DAO 3.000.2504

1. Create a Project of one Form with an Rich Textbox Control on it,
    and use that form as your Startup Form.
2. Reference Microsoft DAO 3.0 Object Library.
3. Use this code in the Form_Load event:

        Private Sub Form_Load()
                Dim i As Integer
                i = DBEngine.Workspaces(0).Databases.Count
        End Sub

4. Make EXE file
5. Close the EXE using the Close Form Button on the title bar.

I continually get
        Dr. Watson Fatal Error
        "could not attach to the application"
        Windows NT Error Code = 87

If it closes okay the first time, it won't from then on.
Without the RTC, no Dr. Watson.

Is this like a known thing?  I'm sorely behind in my Service Packs, etc.,
so maybe this has been taken care of.  Anybody know for sure?




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Does anyone have any ideas??

Lucinda Knight
Austin & Repatriation Medical Centre
Melbourne, Australia

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