Help with java.sql.Date

Help with java.sql.Date

Post by Valentin Sac » Sat, 12 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Hallo allerseits ,

ich habe ein Problem mit dieser Klasse und zwar trage ich z.B. als neues
Datum 2000-10-10 ein , so erscheint mir in der Datenbak der Eintrag
1970-01-01 , kann mir jemand weiterhelfen ?

Danke und Ciau ,



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Hope someone can help me out.

Problem :
I want to use date as part of query to database. How do I pass that,
using JDBC, from program to db ? Formatting seems to be the issue.

I am using SilverStream as IDE, want to use end-user dates (start-,
end-date) as part of query, like :
        myTable.transDate >= myStartDate AND
        myTable.transDate <= myEndDate "

The db column (Oracle 7) transDate has type DATE. From what I have
understood, there is several types called Date; in db, in java.sql and
in java.util.
How do I convert between the formats ? Is there a general solution ? Can
I pass db-functiuons like TO_DATE (myDate, formatInfo) along in the
select statement ?
Note that the db definition cannot be changed.
(I read earlier here, "Re: and confusion...

from 1970. This approach does not work for me.)

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