"Index not valid"

"Index not valid"

Post by Leopold Sauerma » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I've a known Problem but I still can't solve it:
I'm running an app in a network, a few users are accessing the same
tables simoultanously.
Now, after some time spent, and when i already post & edit a lot, an
error occurs:
(I translated this from german, so it isn't right)
" Index not valid anymore, Indexname_abc "
( Original: Index nicht mehr gltig ...)

It has to be something about the simoultanous access so the users crash
my beloved index.
I have to solve this at runtime and i'm not able to change much of the
program (in fact, this should be final testing), so if somebody has a
short solution, i'll be thankfull.

I haven't the possibility to search the newsgroups very often, because
I'm a student and
I use a dial-in-pay-yourself-stupid-account (it takes 10 Minutes to
download all headers of
the group). So, PLEASE, PLEASE leave your answer



1. "Method not valid for object" error

I am developing a database for storing virus test requests and results
in a laboratory. The main entry form has two tables in it's data model
- the "patient" table and the "request" table

When a new request is made, a three letter code is used to identify
the test (eg, CNS = central nervous system viruses) and I want to
create a new record in the appropriate result table (eg, CNS) to take
the results when they becoms available. The result table does not
often have the same name as the test request.

I have included the code below which is attached to the "Depart"
method of the "code" field of the "request" table. The attempt is to
retreive the name of the appropriate table from the "Disease" table,
open it with a Tcursor and insert a new record with the current

I get the error "The method is not valid for the object" with this
code and I tried the code attached to a pushbutton and got the same

- - - - - - - - -

        tca, tcb TCursor
        sta, stb, stc, std String

sta = Virology_Number.value
stb = Lab_Number.value
stc = self.value

if not tca.code.locate(stc) then
        msgInfo("Warning","You have not entered a valid request code")
        std = tca.Table.value

if not tcb.open("std") then
        msgInfo("Warning","A new record was not inserted into the appropriate
        if not tcb.Lab_Number.locate(stb) then
                if tcb.InsertRecord() then
                        tcb.Virology_Number = sta
                        tcb.Lab_Number =stb

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Apologies for the lengthy message - I felt it was necessary to explain
the problem

Any answers greatly appreciated

Brendan O'Reilly

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