Does ODBC respect the concept of "sessions" when using Oracle?

Does ODBC respect the concept of "sessions" when using Oracle?

Post by Wolfgang Kand » Wed, 19 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I tried to implement database security in a VB application using Oracle
Database in the following manner:
I've developed an application using ODBC to access an Oracle Database.
First of all, I called a stored procedure that gives the current user
the privilege to query a table. Then, I queried that table to see if the
privilege was really granted to me. But, unfortunately, it didn't work.
Afterwards, I did the same thing using Oracle Objects. This time I was
successful. My conclusion was that ODBC doesn't support the concept of
real sessions. Each command seems to be completely independent.
I'd like to know if anyone else had experienced this problem.

Thanks in advance.


1. Oracle "Sessions" left open

We have an app written in VB4 connecting to Oracle 7.3 using ODBC. So
far, so good. The problem(s)?
(1) If an app terminates abnormally due to the pc being turned off, the
ODBC connections are still left open, and we have to use the Session
Manager to delete the sessions. To keep things nice and tidy, this has
to be done before restarting the app, otherwise we don't know which
sessions are valid and which aren't. This is a real pain. Is there any
way to have Oracle manage this automatically (say, after so many hours
of no activity on a session, kill it)?
(2) If an app terminates abnormally, but the pc's operating system is
still ok (i.e., the app crashes but the pc doesn't have to reboot) the
ODBC connections still appear to be in use in that if the app crashes
enough times a subsequent app start will not be able to connect to
Oracle. Is there a way for ODBC to use an existing ODBC connection
(i.e., on a fresh start up can we write the ODBC handles to a file and
then check that file on any subsequent startups, if handles are there
use them)?

These problems seem to be fairly major, yet I find no reference to them
anywhere, nor can I get any support/suggestions from Oracle support.
Surely SOMEONE out there has run in to these problems?



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