VB6 DataEnvironment->Command ???

VB6 DataEnvironment->Command ???

Post by Joseph Kocinsk » Fri, 30 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Hi All

How does one pass parameters to a Command of either the view type or of
an sql string with parameters?



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I saw in VB6 there is this new way cool and way timesaving new thing: THe DataEnvironment.
great!, but... when I create a command on a connection, and I want to create a parameter
query using the sqlbuilder, it doesn't understand the parameters, even if I set the
parameter prefix and suffix correct. So it's not possible for me now to use
parameterdriven commands, and the DE is then rather useless :(

has anybody had the same problem? is there a way to create these parameterqueries
? The help doesn't say much about this subject, and if I define a parameter with
prefix % and suffix %, and type under criteria: =%MyVar% it can't do it.. It's not
appearing under parameters :(

I use an ODBClink to an access97 database as connection.

Please help ! :)



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