VB30: Accessing OLE-field in ACCESS-DB via OLE-VBX

VB30: Accessing OLE-field in ACCESS-DB via OLE-VBX

Post by Michael Laussegg » Tue, 16 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Help !!!!

Can anyone tell me, how to access the content of a
OLE-field in a MS-Access database, without spooling the
data into a file first?

We have stored different OLE-Objects in an OLE-field of
an ACCESS-Table. Since these objects can be very large,
it's impossible to store them to file on the harddisk
and read them to the OLE-Control then (time consuming!!).
Isn't it possible to access the OLE-field directly, like
you can do it with bound controls? (eg. WIN-API)

?????????????????????????????????????????????   Thanks!


1. Linking or Embedding an OLE Object in an Access OLE DataType Field using DAO

Greetings all,

Would anyone know how I can write or embed or link or Bind an OLE object to
an Access Database field using DAO?  I would like to save a photo along with
other employee
information to that database.  Is this possible?

I have an application I have created in VB which saves various types of
information but when I try to save a photo, I run into a brick wall.

I have code below which finds and embeds the object(picture) to the OLE

    CommonDialog1.Filter = "Pictures (*.bmp;*.ico)|*.bmp;*.ico"
    MyPictureLocation = CommonDialog1.filename
    OLE1.CreateLink (MyPictureLocation)

How do I take that information and save it to an OLE DataType field in
Access using DAO?   Below is code that writes the rest of the field to the

On Error GoTo Errors

    If rsMyData.RecordCount > 0 Then
    End If

    rsMyData!LastName = txtEdit(0).Text
    rsMyData!FirstName = txtEdit(1).Text
    rsMyData!HomePhone = frmEdit.MaskEdBox1(0).Text
    rsMyData!StreetAddress = txtEdit(3).Text
    rsMyData!City = txtEdit(4).Text
    rsMyData!State = txtEdit(5).Text
    rsMyData!zip = MaskEdBox2.Text
    rsMyData!EmployeeID = txtEdit(7).Text
    rsMyData!SSNumber = MaskEdBox1(1).Text
    If MyPictureLocation <> "" Then
      'rsMyData!EmpPhoto = OLE1 '(This Does not work)
    End If

I would be happy for any suggestions on how this might be accomplished as I
seem to be running into brick walls with this one.  This should be possible,
shouldn't it??

Thanks in advance,
William Oliveri

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