informix and blobs

informix and blobs

Post by james copli » Wed, 29 Jan 1997 04:00:00

if i have a field titled prob_desc that is defined as a text blob in
informix and named fld_probDesc in delphi, how do i store the contents of a
TMemo box named memo_ProbDesc into the field prob_desc. i tried directly
assigning it by fld_probDesc.value:=memo_ProbDesc.text; but the odbc hangs.
if i query the table it shows up but if i try to use a data aware memo
field box on another form to access the data it never loads. the
documentation is unclear on how exactly to go about this using streams
which i suspect are neccesary to populate the table properly. thanks for
any help. later.

james r. coplin

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nietzsche is dead.  god


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After much playing about, I finally managed to get blobs
in and out of an Informix database using DBI. However,
there is a problem. I have a function that returns the blob
as a scalar. Whenever I have a script that calls it, I get
the following error:

Bad free() ignored at <program name> line <x>

where program name is the name of the script calling the
function and x is the line number. This always occurs
whenever I try to extract a blob from the database.  The
error occurs (according to the line number) on the line
*immediately after* the function call even if the scalar is not
used within that line. The scalar contains the blob as
required but this error message is littering my web pages.
I don't know whether this is a perl, DBI or Informix problem -
can anyone help?

Best wishes,

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