Access 2.0 compatability layer

Access 2.0 compatability layer

Post by vcoc » Tue, 07 May 1996 04:00:00

Thank you to those who pointed me to the Access 2.0 compatability layer at the MS site.

I got comlyr.exe and ran the setup program. It seemed to install ok.  I restarted
Windows, got into VB and brought up my application.  Again, when I went to double
click the RecordSource property in my data control, I got the same error message as
before: "incompatible database".

An ideas?


1. Access 2.0 Compatability Layer Setup Problems


I have an app written in VB 3.0 that requires an Access 2.0 database.
I installed the compatability layer from MS and have been using that
for development purposes. I have finally managed to get the Setup
Wizard working (after getting a patch from MS). Now I have one final

To test my installation I created a "new" installation of Windoze on
another partitiion on my HD. After installing my app I wanted to run
the conversion layer setup as well on this new installation of Windoze
as my app won't work without it. Here's the problem.... The setup
program for the compatability layer says that I don't have Access 2.0
installed on my machine!!! and hence will not complete installation. I
do indeed have Access on my machine, but cannot see where to edit an
appropriate .INI file to get it looking at Access. If possible I would
like to place any files that the compatability layer needs to install
in the directory of my application and not in <drive:>\VB. Also what
would be nice is if the damn thing would just install. After all the
user of my application DOES NOT NEED Access to run my app!

Can someone give me some pointers here please..... Thanks... Please
mail me direct....

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