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I have a form where I need to create a combobox that displays all the
records from a field (Fname) from a different table than the form is based

My form is based on a Tests table (MS Access 2000 db).  When I get to the
field where I expect the user to select a First and Last name (2 different
fields), I want them to drop the combobox down and select a name from the
Students table.

So far, all I can do is display the first name in the table, by using a Data
object on the form.

In access it would be the same as creating the relationship using the lookup
wizard to create the list of Names to display in the combobox.

How can I achieve this?

Thank you so much
Terry V


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Hi all!

I have a little (large?) problem. I have a ComboBox with some texts. The
text is wider then the actual ComboBox. Is there a way to make the drop-down
wider then the ComboBox?

I also want to display the ListIndex value insted of the text. I thought I
could do the following but i did not work...

Private Sub ComboBox_Click()
    frmFieldTestPage1.ComboOperation.Text = ComboBox.ListIndex
End Sub

Tommy Selggren
Computer consultant
Syntronic AB

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