Data Source Class

Data Source Class

Post by Robert Schee » Sat, 21 Oct 2000 04:00:00


I've created a data source class for use in my app. I am trying to bind
the recordset generated by my class to a Hierarchical Flexgrid using
the BindingCollection. I tried the Text and DataMember properties of
the HFlexgrid without success. How can I bind my Data class to the
Hierarchical Flexgrid?


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1. data source class in ActiveX DLL vs EXE -- URGENT

I've created a data aware class (the underlying database is Access 2000) in
an ActiveX DLL and referenced the project in a regular EXE.  I put 2 text
boxes and a data grid on the form.  In the form_load event, I set up an
instance of the data aware class, and a binding collection, and then set up
the binding.  I can view the data just fine, but any updates or added
records are discarded.  The wierd part starts when I put the data aware
class in the same project as the EXE, everything works as it should.  Is
this a bug, or is this by design??  Platform:  Win2k SP1, Access 2000
database, VB6 SP4.  This is an urgent issue for me, so I'd appreciate a
quick response.


Dave Kraft

TSR Solutions, Inc.

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