volume control and sound recording in vb5

volume control and sound recording in vb5

Post by Mr. Wa » Fri, 13 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Dear sir,
        I want to know how to write vb5 program in volume control and
sound recording?
Is there any web site of such source code?



Can anybody help.

1)  I've tried using the Sound command which use to work ok in Paradox
5.0, but all I get is a single beep, even if I use different frequencies
and durations. I even copied the example in the help, but no luck. The
same thing happens on three different machines I have tried this on. Any
guesses ??

2)  Before using Paradox 7.0, I used to be able to call MMSYSTEM DLL to
play WAV files. However, due to Pdox 7.0 being 32 bit and MMSYSTEM.DLL
16bit, I can no longer do this. Any Idea what DLL I can use now, and its
calling syntax.

3)  The other problem (yet another), is that I want Paradox to appear in
front of applications when a certain event happens (on a timer). I can
get other applications to appear infront of Pdoxwin, by accessing the
handle using ENUMWINDOWNAMES, and bringing the window to the front.
Nothing happens however if I try to grab the Paradox 7.0 handle
(obviously because I am calling it within Pdoxwin 7.0). Anybody else hit
this problem or has any solution ??

Anyway, thanks for reading this. Please Email me if you have any
solutions to the above or have encountered similar problems.


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