Looking for info on ADO and OLE DB

Looking for info on ADO and OLE DB

Post by Troy Makar » Tue, 13 May 1997 04:00:00

Hi all,
        I'm looking for information on ADO and OLE DB. I have searched all the
help in VB5 and the MSDN CD and found almost nothing. If anyone can point
me in the right direction for documentation or even give me some example
code it would be much appreciated.

Troy Makaro


1. Best db API ADO or OLE DB for highly efficient code

Which method of accessing a db is best for a program that
has to be highly efficient in speed.  I see a lot of good
things with the ADO level of access.  But at the same time
there is a lot of extra work that has to be done in order
for it to function with a language like Visual Basic and
the scripting languages.  Namely the Variant typing, etc.

It seems to me that a tight program would do better to use
the OLE DB methods directly.  Sure the programmer has to
worry about a few more things, but the code could be
tighter and more in control.

Is there any merit to the statement "A business programmer
can use VB and ADO, but a true C/C++ programmer uses OLE

Thanks for your input, Russ.

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