Access 2000 memo datatype to JDBC

Access 2000 memo datatype to JDBC

Post by elock.. » Wed, 29 Nov 2000 04:00:00

I'm trying to transfer an Access 2000 database to a Java based database
and I'd like to know what SQL or JDBC datatype to use for Access' Memo
type. Must I use the getUnicodeStream method or is there another method
I can use?


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1. Access 2000 Memo DataType - URGENT


I am using an ADO Parameter Object to insert some text into a memo datatype
in Access 2000.  The ADO Command object which uses the Parameter Object
calls a Access 2000 query object.  Example below:

PARAMETERS prmCommentDesc Memo;
INSERT INTO Comment ( Comment )
VALUES (prmCommentDesc);

However the parameter datatype -  memo is not supported in query parameters
at the Access 2000 end.  Does any know what datatype I should using instead
of memo in the above query example?


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