Maximum concurrent connections using connection pool

Maximum concurrent connections using connection pool

Post by Tuvo » Tue, 06 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Hi there

I'm using a classic connection pool approach to access my
databases and I am having a problem with the maximum number of
concurrent *active* connections. Basically, even though my
connection pool may have 10 open connections, for some reason
which escapes me, only 4 are ever checked out at once. The wierd
thing is, there is no "waiting for thread" notification in my
activity log so it seems like the server is just sort of
freezing until one of the 4 active connections are freed up. Ok,
I realise I'm not putting this very well (I'm quite new to this
Java programming lark), but if anyone has had a similar
experience, I would really appreciate any help you could offer
me. I am running the java servlet development server on an NT
platform. The same thing occurs when using a DSN connected to
either Access or SQL Server. Could there be an upper limit on
the max. active connections through a DSN?

I hope this made *some* sense :)

Thanks in advance


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