Help with VB and ColdFusion

Help with VB and ColdFusion

Post by Dan Thibodeau » Thu, 06 Apr 2000 04:00:00

I am developing a VB application that will take data from Random Access
binary files and an Access database and transfer it to a ColdFusion server
using WDDX (XML) protocol.  If you have any experience using VB and
ColdFusion (Specifically WDDX) and want to possibly make some money please
contact me


1. help on informix and coldfusion on unix

we have coldfusion installed on one machine and are trying to connect to an
informix database on another machine  using  coldfusion.
we are virtually coldfusion "knowledgeless"....

we can connect to other machines, using coldfusion , but not to this
particular one.  

we are running solaris 7 & informix 7.31 on the coldfusion machine & solaris
8  & informix 7.31 on the one we are trying to connect to....
i've looked at everything i can & it seems that everything "informix -wise"
is set up correctly.   however, coldfusion support seems to think it is an
informix problem.... how can i be sure that it is not?   how can i test it?
if i can connect thru  dbaccess, does that prove a connection, or is there
i am not getting any errors, i just cannot verify through coldfusion the
connection to my database.....

any help that anyone can give will be greatly appreciated.


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