ANNOUNCE: New Delphi User Group

ANNOUNCE: New Delphi User Group

Post by Kirk Far » Wed, 14 Feb 1996 04:00:00

For the Pittsburgh, PA area:

see us at

or for inquiries:


1. ANNOUNCE: New Web Site for New England Users Group

The New England Ingres Users Association (NEIUA) proudly announces
the creation of their new WWW pages!!  The site has been made
available to us by Massachusetts Bay Community College, and we
thank them very much for the site and for the time they have
given to help set this up for us.  The URL for this site is:

Currently, this site provides the following:

   - General info on the NEIUA, including how to contact
     the officers.
   - Information on our next meeting (October 27), and on the last
   - Abstracts on papers done by NEIUA members, including info on
     how to contact the author for a copy (text may be available
     direct from this site sometime in the future).
   - Basic information on the National Users Group (NAIUA), Ingres World
     1995 and 1996, and links to some Ingres-related web sites.

We plan to add much more to this site as time goes on.  If you are
in the New England region, we encourage you to check out our web site
and come to the October 27 meeting with suggestions on what can be
added/changed.  If you cannot attend the meeting, send your comments
to Bob Griffith at the e-mail address shown below.

Although the emphasis of this site will be on providing resources
specific to the needs of Ingres users in the New England region,
we hope to include features that will be useful to anyone in the
Ingres community.  Feel free to "surf" in for a visit now, or
any time!!


Raytheon Electronic Systems                   Phone:  (508) 858-5892
Tewksbury, MA                                 FAX:    (508) 858-4336

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