Using VB with stored procedure builder in DB2

Using VB with stored procedure builder in DB2

Post by Joe » Fri, 12 Oct 2001 02:04:11


Before I get started:

Win NT 4.0
VB 6.0 SP5


First, I am new to DB2, but not to VB.

I've done a little reading about DB2's Stored Procedure builder and
discovered that there is an add-in that works in VB where you can write
procedures in VB which somehow get compiled to the server.  Our company does
not have a licence to VB yet, so I have not had the chance to mess around
with this technique yet.  Has anybody used this strategy to build procedures
in DB2? Is it worth the effort?

Thanks in advance



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 I am trying to run Stored Procedures using the DB2 Stored Procedure
utility provided with DB2. After picking up the corresponding table
and the columns when i try to run the stored procedure i get the
following message

 Create stored procedure returns -444.

[IBM][CLI Driver][DB2] SQL0444N  Routine "DSNTPSMP" (specific name "")
is implemented with code in library or path "", function "" which
cannot be accessed.  Reason code: "".  SQLSTATE=42724

Make sure that the SQL procedures processor, DSNTPSMP, is properly
installed on your DB2 for OS/390 host.

AGIN - Build failed.

Can anyone advice me as to where i might have overlooked something ?


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