visual dbase for windows programming help wanted

visual dbase for windows programming help wanted

Post by Gary O. Grus » Tue, 24 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I have been programming in dbase for dos for many years and have
started to get clients wanting dbase for windows applications.  I am
looking for someone to help me and my clients with programming.  I plan
to pay a competitive hourly rate.  all work can be done via e-mail.

If anyone is interested please contact me as soon as possible




1. help wanted combobox in visual dbase 5.5

sinds a few days i started programming in visual dbase.

Now I have the following problem. I created a form with several entry fields. i want to replace
2 entry fields with combo-boxes. They had to view data from another database. when I open a combobox i
want to select an item at the list and place it in the active database. The making off the combo-box is no
prblom. I set the datalink to for example artikels->catagorie and the datacource (where the combo-box had
to display the data from) to catagor field->catagorie.When I look at the code the option this.view=
artikels.dbf is replaced by the datacource databasefile (catagor.dbf) when I want to run my form I
get a message alias not found.How can I use 2 (or more) database files in one form(if this is possible).

Who can help me with this problem???

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