ANNOUNCE: KOPI a Completely Open Source Java Compiler

ANNOUNCE: KOPI a Completely Open Source Java Compiler

Post by DMS Decision Management Systems Gmb » Thu, 04 Nov 1999 04:00:00

With the arrival of the more sang-froid months comes the time for DMS to
proudly display the fruits of its recent summer endeavours.

As a result of some not inconsiderable developmental activity, DMS
announces the public release of KOPI, the first fully functioning open
source Java compiler, written and developed entirely in the Java

KOPI is an extensible Java application which has already been extended
to allow integration with, among other systems, SQL. The result of this
is the creation of a system similar to SQLJ, but with improved

The KOPI suite comes complete with a Java assembler and disassembler as
well as extensive diagnostic tools which are actively updated by a team
of committed full-time engineers. These self-same engineers are also
responsible for maintaining the system as a whole from the DMS
nerve-centres based in both Vienna, Austria, and Sophia Antipolis,

Our flagship product, kjc, is the only java compiler fully written in
java that comes complete with support for the latest Java Language
Specification from Sun. It also has a useful set of new warnings and a
descent optimizer. This product has just been bundled with Kaffe
( as their default java compiler.

The system has been developed by DMS Decision Management Systems,
(Vienna, Austria) with the support of ESSI (Ecole Superieur en Sciences
Informatiques) in France.

KOPI is currently integrated in various commercial applications and is
available under the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public
Licence as published by the Free Software Foundation.

The current version of the KOPI Suite is available for download at: