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Has anyone looked into replication?

It would be nice to give users of my application the possibility to work
remotely and synchronise.

What I would like to do, is write the necessary code so I can still use my
.dbf files. I presume I need to track the timestamp and userkey to track
changes, and have some CLSID style of creating unique keys for records
that are added.

I noticed that Access 97 does this, as it uses a Random generator for the
Primary Key on replicated databases.

I guess there are lots of issues involved, and I just wondered if anyone
has looked into it before I spend time on it.



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I am doing replication through internet. For this, I am
using Merge replication,   On demand-anonymous PULL

My publisher database server will have a dedicated IP
address and it is permanently connected to internet. But
the Subscriber database server will connect to the
internet using dial-up connection (32k Modem). So I went
for anonymous subscription. I am able to pull the
publication data from the subscriber and it is working

My Problem is :-- If i change the same record's same field
value at both subscriber and publisher then the
replication is NOT working properly. If a record's same
column value is changed at both publisher and subscriber
then it should be marked as Conflict and SQL server should
solve it. But in anonymous subscription it is NOT working

I got the error "The Process could not log the Conflict"

Any help greatly appreciated.


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