Graphing data from a database

Graphing data from a database

Post by Whitt Batchele » Thu, 12 Sep 2002 11:04:23

I'm trying to graph some data that I have in a DB table... and ideas on how
to make a graph of it? Is MSCharts the best/cheapest way to go about doing

Whitt Batcheler


1. graph (line graph)

I am attempting to setup graph under Visual Fox. 7..Here is what I would
like to hve:

X   Y
1    4
3    5
3    9
4    10
7    11
6    12

The X, Y value is in the  FieldX, FIELDY in tableX.. (There are FIELDX2,
FIELDY2 in the tableX as well)

How can I setup a simple line Graph in a form..

Also, to be considerate, I would probably need to
Dynamically/programmatically change the Graph base on other criteria..

Any help would be appreciate...

Joseph Wu


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