SQL - Cant Retrieve an Image type field as a recorset

SQL - Cant Retrieve an Image type field as a recorset

Post by Mark Slavi » Tue, 14 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I have use VB5 to write a word doc to SQL Server and stored it as an image
type file. When i try to retrieve it as a recordset via a userconnection VB
treats it as a Null so i am unable to use the GetChunk method. However, when
i look at the length of the filed it can see that it is 35k.

: My code is almost exactly like that in the example shown in VB Help. Can
anybody suggest where i am going wrong


1. Putting Images in to a Field with the Image type in SQL 2000 Ent

How can I put images in to the fields ... all i seem to be able to find ont
he web is "you shouldnt put images in to a SQL server" ... but I *want* to
... :o/

Anyone got any ideas?

Phil Winstanley

Management Information Systems Database Support


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