Shell command and database files

Shell command and database files

Post by Sean A. Campbel » Thu, 09 Jan 1997 04:00:00


        I would appreciate any help I could get with a problem I'm having. I'm
trying to write a program that provides a list of applications and allows
the user to select one which is then launched. My problem comes from how
some of these programs need to be run. Several of these applications are on
a network and require the the working directory be different from the
directory the executable is located in. Ex:
   Executable location:

        The working directory and executable location are located in a database so
I have to that information. Is this possible through using the Shell
command ? I want to try to avoid writing batch files for each of these
programs (there as over 600 educational courses alone). Thank you again for
any help you can provide.

 ,  Sean


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