A couple (ok, well maybe a little more than a couple) of (beginner) questions

A couple (ok, well maybe a little more than a couple) of (beginner) questions

Post by DeLong Famil » Sat, 20 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Hello, I have a few (maybe more) questions....


1. I would like to be able to send/receive mail with a program I am
building. I know of and have the Catalyst controls, but the files about them
and how to use the controls are like binary 1s and 0s to a beginner. I need
some explanation and how to's in ENGLISH!! LOL.

2. I am also building a chat program. Again, I have the catalyst thing but
have no clue how to use it. Please help!! Anyone!!

3. I am also building a program to ping a server or IP so I can find out how
fast it is etc...Do I need to use the catalyst thing or something else? And
how do I use it?

4. I am trying to make a port protector/port scanner. I was wondering how I
make the port scanner...I mean....All this internet stuff has got me
confused. I have no clue what to do!!


1. I made my own browser by cheating. I took the MSIE control and installed
it to a program. I then followed some instructions on a web site to build
the browser. In my opinion it really was a crappy thing. The reason was I
didn't know how to: Put a picture on command buttons. Like MSIE and
Netscape, the Back, Forward, etc. buttons have little pictures on it. How do
I do that? And...The way I built the browser was to take the MSIE control
and stick it into my form (browser.frm) file. When I did that, it basically
puts a screen inside a screen. The inner screen was the browser of course,
and the outside was the form. When I maximized the form, it didn't maximize
(or expand) as MSIE and Netscape do...How do I fix this?

I know I might have made a big pain and all...and I'm sorry, but I am a big
time beginner...and as you once were, you probably had the same questions,
and went through alot of stress trying to find the answers as I am. I wish
for your patience, cooperation, and support!


P.S. If anyone knows how to configure cgi scripts, and would willingly help

Thanks again...


1. Couple a little questions

I'm an experienced programmer with a few little
questions I was hoping some of you may answer.

How can I get ANY key from the registry ("GetSetting"
allows me access only to my own little area of the

How can I get the current logged in username (Windows
or MS Network)?

Every "Data" object seems to have its own "Database"
object. Isn't this very inefficient? How can I make
it so that all my Data objects share one Database
object even though the online help files advise
against this? Should I do this?

Is there anyway to send GroupWise mail from VB? Are
any such controls available?

FYI I'm using VB5 & 95. Please email copies of any
posted replies.

Thank you for your help.


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