DAO getchunk/appendchunk problems in Access 97 DB

DAO getchunk/appendchunk problems in Access 97 DB

Post by Douglas Will » Sat, 08 Jul 2000 04:00:00

A big thank you to anyone who can help!

I have a program that tracks personal information for employees and stores
this information in a Access97 database using DAO. I also take a picture of
the employee and include it in the database. The object is to store this
info and print a badge and personnel form. When the info is originally
collected, the data is collected and prints just fine. The problem occurs
either in my saving the picture OR retrieving the picture from my database.

I am  using the getchunk and appendchunk methods to store and retrieve the
photo from an OLE field in my database (code included below). All other data
is saved and retrieved from the databse just fine. The picture however is
causing me major gripes!

Based on the size growth of the database, it seems that the picture is being
stored, but I can't retieve the info and I don't know whether or not the
correct picture is being saved. Let me explain. I created a form to simply
scroll through each record in the DB. The first record loads and I disply
the picture just fine. As I move through the databse, all information is
updated correctly, except the picture. The same (or similar) picture is
displayed all of the time. I say same or similar because I write the picture
to a temporary file and then load it on my form. As I check the creation
date of the file, it is definitely being updated as I scroll through the
file. Another interesting thing is that the picture size for the first
record is 230,470 bytes, and in each subsequent record, the file size
increases by exactly 1 byte.

I'm stumped and the client is getting grouchy. I am sure that I am missing
something obvious, but I am to the point that I can't even read my own code.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



' Here is where I begin to play around with the getchunk
' and appendchunk methods to save and retrieve a
' picture to and from a database
'Saving the photo to the database
    Debug.Print "Entering write photo area."
    Dim strFileName As String
    strFileName = App.Path + "\Temp.bmp"
    Dim iFileNum As Integer
    iFileNum = FreeFile
    Dim iFileLength As Long
    Dim abBytes() As Byte
    Open strFileName For Binary Access Read As #iFileNum
    iFileLength = LOF(iFileNum)
    Debug.Print "Length of file is "; iFileLength
    ReDim abBytes(iFileLength)
    Get #iFileNum, , abBytes()
    tbInfo.Fields("Photo").AppendChunk (abBytes)
    Close iFileNum

' Retrieving the photo from the database

        Debug.Print "Entering read photo area"
        Dim stFileName As String
        Dim strFileName As String
        strFileName = App.Path + "\Temp.bmp"
        Dim iFileNum As Integer
        Dim iFileLength As Long
        Dim abBytes() As Byte
        iFileNum = FreeFile
        Open strFileName For Binary As #iFileNum
        iFileLength = LenB(tbInfo("Photo"))
        Debug.Print "Length of photo file is "; iFileLength
        ReDim abBytes(iFileLength)
        abBytes = tbInfo.Fields("Photo").GetChunk(0, iFileLength)
        Put #iFileNum, , abBytes()
        Close iFileNum
        End If

Where there's a Wills, there's a way!


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