Linked tables-connecting to backend Access 2000 db with Opendatabase

Linked tables-connecting to backend Access 2000 db with Opendatabase

Post by Peter Janse » Wed, 07 Jun 2000 04:00:00

In case anyone is interested the reason my code wouldn't work was that I
didn't declare which type of recordset I was using in my Dim statement, so
Access VBA assumed that it was an ADO recordset, rather than DAO (and I was
using a DAO Database object...).  Maybe this was because the reference to
Microsoft ActiveX data objects was before that to DAO...? or maybe I don't
know what I am talking about.  Anyway changing this:
Quote:>     Dim rsMaxPreviousID As Recordset

Dim rsMaxPreviousID As DAO.Recordset

Quote:> Hi,

> I an trying to make a form that connects to data in a replicated database.
> Following what I believe to be good design guidelines for this kind of
> I am trying to split the frontend and backend.  I need to retrieve data
> the table my form is connecting to, and I could do this fine by setting a
> database object to Currentdb, when my form was in the same database as the
> table.

> Now that I have exported the form into a database that uses linked tables
> am unable to get the *y data from the table.  I thought I would be
> to use the OpenDatabase method but I can't get it to work.  I want to
> connect to the db in the simplest way possible and I definitely don't want
> to use a system DSN.

> I am a bit of a newbie to this sort of stuff, so if someone can suggest a
> better way to achieve this I would be greatful.  The error message I am
> getting with my current code is a type mismatch.  The database object
> to be created ok, it's just wont open a seems the
> openrecordset method is returning a non recordset type??? I don't know
> what's happened and am at the tearing my hair out stage....

> Can anyone help....please...

> Private Sub NewRecordInitialisation()
>     Dim objdb As Database, objConnection As New ADODB.Connection
>     Dim intIDNum As Long, strSQLForMaxID As String
>     Dim rsMaxPreviousID As Recordset
>     Dim objUsersTable As TableDef

>     'Set objdb = CurrentDb
>     strFullPath = CurrentProject.Path & "\" & "malls2000.mdb"

>     Set objdb = OpenDatabase(strFullPath)

>     strSQLForMaxID = "SELECT MAX(ID) FROM Users WHERE (ID > 70000) AND (ID
> 99999)"

>     Set rsMaxPreviousID = objdb.OpenRecordset(strSQLForMaxID)

>     If Not (rsMaxPreviousID.EOF) Then
>         rsMaxPreviousID.MoveFirst
>         If IsNull(rsMaxPreviousID) Then
>             intIDNum = 70001
>         Else
>             intIDNum = rsMaxPreviousID(0) + 1
>         End If


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