DBD load error on NT.

DBD load error on NT.

Post by Frédéric LIBAU » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hello all.

I've an error when I launch DBD32 on NT 4.0 system (pack 3) with
DBDSRV32.DLL initialization.

There is someone who have the same problems and a solution ?

Thanks for response !


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1. Error Message when loading D3/NT

I use D3/NT in single user mode (not networked) and I have written a small
system for a client.  Today I tried to install D3 on to his machine.  The
instalation proceeded normally, but I was not able to start the D3vme.  I
get the message "Could not start the D3 Virtual Machine - error 2140 - an
internal Windows NT error occurred".  I have searched all the help
documentation for both D3 and NT without being able to find anything about
error 2140.  Has anyone else had this happen, or can anyone tell me where
the documentation is.  Why aren't simple things ever simple?

Thanks in anticipation

Chris Potts

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