Adding record in detail table or create a new master table for it

Adding record in detail table or create a new master table for it

Post by Marcel van Eijke » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

For speed and maintanance sake (don't mind my English) (is it Englis?)
Should I append a record in a detail table and refresh the master
or should I create a new master table for the detail (comprendo?)


Marcel van Eijkel



1. Problem when inserting records in the detail table (master/detail relation)

I often have this problem, when using D2 : I use a Master/detail relation,
using the MasterSource and MasterFields properties of the detail table, and
when I use an "append" method in the detail table, the new record isn't
created. The "new" record is the last one of the table. But this problem doen't
happen with every Master/Detail relation, and I'm puzzled, since I can't see
any difference. Is this due to a specific property of one TTable or one DataSet
? If you know this, it could be very helpful

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