Changing Active database in DataEnvironment at run time?

Changing Active database in DataEnvironment at run time?

Post by Pumba » Sun, 19 Aug 2001 00:33:55

I want the user to selct which Access data base needs to be referenced by
the application.  I am using the DatatEnvironment from the designer.  What
needs to be done to change the active data base (same structure)  after the
user has selected the new data source and still use the  data designer?

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I am fairly new to VB and a real greenhorn on DataEnvironmet,  but  I am

I am programmatically changing the CommandText property to a different SQL
query but it does not reflect on the connected DataList control at run time.
It just stays with the data from the initial CommandText as it shows in the
properties at design time. I have tried things like:


but nothing seems to work.
Maybe I am trying a completely wrong approach here.

Any ideas?

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