ADO 2.0 crashing VB5.0sp3

ADO 2.0 crashing VB5.0sp3

Post by Greg Pa » Tue, 13 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I've converted a Visual Basic 5.0 application from RDO 2.0 to ADO 2.0.
The problem is that when reading and writing large amounts of data at
one time, Visual Basic crashes.  Only Dr. Watson on NT notifys me that
an application crashed.

I've gone through the application making sure that all unused objects
are set to NOTHING and/or Closed.

I've stepped through the application and the problem seems to happen
at different sections of the code.

After I changed to an RDO 2.0 class there's no problem.

Anyone else having this problems.  This is a MAJOR issue, since my
company is dictating that ADO will be the new standard.


Greg Park