Help w/ long query

Help w/ long query

Post by John Wollne » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Does anyone know how to avoid locking up a machine w/ a long query under

I need a way to display a progress gauge, or at the very least, allow
the user to kill the query.

Any help would be appreciated.
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1. need help with long query

Hi --

The following SQL query is the basis for a PL/SQL procedure using

that needs to be run several
times during a WWW-based product.  The query takes so long that the

browsers are timing out!
When I run the following in SQL*Plus it takes 1.2 seconds (returns about


These are the Table sizes:
chpa_test_product = 249 records
chpa_insurer = 38 records
chpa_county = 66 records

Does this seem reasonable to anyone?  How can Oracle be the number 2
software in the world with performance like this?  I changed the
ordering of
the WHERE CLAUSE to every possible combination and still only managed to

shave off about 2 seconds.  The DB is Oracle Version 7, running on Sun

Solaris.  I'm thinking it has to be a hardware issue, or that the DB is
really messed up.  Unfortunately, the DBA and UNIX Admin won't even look

the situation.  Is this query REALLY that bad??
Any thoughts appreciated.

Thanks -- Lynn

A.full_product_number, A.ffn , A.plan_type, A.deductible,

A.benefit_level,A.tobacco, A.effdate, A.county_code, A.contribid,

A.copay, A.pcp, A.pos, B.insname
FROM chpa_test_product A,
     chpa_insurer B
WHERE B.ffn = A.ffn
 AND A.county_id IN (select distinct
   from chpa_county F
   where lower(F.county) IN ('broward', 'dade'))
 AND A.plan_type IN ('HMO','PPO')
 AND A.deductible IN (0,100,250,500,750,2000)
 AND LOWER(A.benefit_level)  IN
AND A.ffn IN (select distinct D.ffn
   from chpa_county D
   where lower(D.county) IN ('broward','dade')
   AND D.ffn IN (select distinct C.ffn
     from chpa_insurer  C));


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