VB4 and Crystal Reports - report error 20000 HELP!!

VB4 and Crystal Reports - report error 20000 HELP!!

Post by Steve O'Ha » Sat, 20 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I've installed VB4 Enterprise and everything works fine.  However, my Crystal
Reports app. no longer works in respect of kicking off the reports.  Crystal
works fine in development, my old reports read Ok.  I get a problem when
I try and kick them off using the reports control.  I've tried using the
sample reports app. and I get the same problem i.e. vb error 20000.  The
Crystal error is 0 and there is no error string!

I tried the sample reports app. that comes with VB3 and that doesn't work
either!  I get and error message telling me theat the session parameters are

I'm lost in a sea of shit with this, so I'd appreciate any help.



1. VB4.0 and Crystal Reports Error 20000

This is a reply to my own posting, thought some people might want
here about it.

Basically, the version of Crystal Reports that comes with
VB4.0 is way out of date!  It's version 3.0.  They are now shipping V4.5!!
I spoke to the support guys in the US and they gave the name of a file
that you can download from their BBS (not avaialable from WWW site).  This
has some patches in it for the PBDAO driver.

The file is called CRW3VB16.ZIP and it is password protected.  The password
is the filename in lower case.  This fixed ALL my problems!!!

The bulletin board number is (604) 681 9516

This will fix your problems for now, but I think in the long run you're
better off doing what I'm doing, and thats to buy the upgrade to the
latest version.

Hope this helps,
Steve O'Hara

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