New java to Microsoft Databases access tool - download problems

New java to Microsoft Databases access tool - download problems

Post by I.. » Sun, 06 May 2001 17:44:34

Hy java programmers
we have had more than 150 dowloads of JADO in the last 2 days, so we're
sorry for any download problem you may encounter. To speed up download
operations please follow the following link:

Best regards

Raffaello Leti Messina
GIS & Software Solutions Area Manager


1. New Y2K Scanning Tool for Microsoft Access!

To help the users of Access databases and IT professionals prepare
their organizations for before and beyond the Year 2000, RDC Software
has designed a powerful Y2K date scanning tool, called Scan-N-Watch
Dates 2000, that allows you to scan multiple Access databases at one
time to flag you of potential dates and date/time formats that may not
be compliant.

Scan-N-Watch Dates 2000 was designed by Year 2000 consultants who have
worked for Big Five firms and an MCP.

For further information and benefits, please visit our website at

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