AutoNumber field with ADO/VB6/DataEnvironment

AutoNumber field with ADO/VB6/DataEnvironment

Post by ASP Ki » Sat, 30 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Hi everyone!
I'm using VB6, ADO and the DataEnvironment to browse and add records to an
Access 97 database.
I want to retrieve the value of the autonumber field of a newly added
record. I CAN get it if I DON'T use the DataEnvironment to connect to my
database. After using the update methode on my RecordSet the current record
is the new one, I can read each field except the autonumber, which is always
null. Is-it a bug of the DataEnvironment?



1. Cannot Get Autonumber field - using DataEnvironment?

I'm having trouble getting the primary key of a record:

I have a Dataenviroment with a connection to a Access database, the database
has three tables.

In the code I can adding a new record and then updating the record. I want
to get the record ID number of the record I just added.

In an ASP application I have I get the record ID after I update the record.
When I try this in VB it doesnt work.

Here is the code:

        ' Profiles is the name of the table

        DE.rsProfiles.Fields(1).Value = txtCategory.Text
        DE.rsProfiles.Fields(2).Value = txtCountry.Text
        DE.rsProfiles.Fields(3).Value = txtDate.Text
        DE.rsProfiles.Fields(4).Value = txtTitle.Text
        DE.rsProfiles.Fields(5).Value = txtProfile.Text
        DE.rsProfiles.Fields(6).Value = txtLocation.Text
        DE.rsProfiles.Fields(7).Value = txtH1.Text
        DE.rsProfiles.Fields(8).Value = txtP1.Text
        DE.rsProfiles.Fields(9).Value = txtBody.Text

        ' I'm saving details of this record here
        ThisRec = DE.rsProfiles.Fields(5).Value
        ThisDate = DE.rsProfiles.Fields(3).Value
        ThisTitle = DE.rsProfiles.Fields(4).Value

        ' I want to get the record's autonumber field:
        ' I have tried these, but not together....
        ThisID = DE.rsProfiles.Fields(0).Value
        ThisID = DE.rsProfiles.Fields(0)


I'm always getting a null value to ThisID??? What am I doing wrong??

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