DLLs: TTable as parameter

DLLs: TTable as parameter

Post by Stefan Kir » Wed, 27 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Is it possible, to call a function in a DLL which has an opened TTable
as parameter? This function should e.g. delete the record and all of
the detail records in the database.

If I try this, then I very often got GPFs, or other problems.
Sometimes it works fine. Is there something special to look for?



1. Using a TTable in a DLL

Is is possible to use a TTable in a DLL.

I am trying to write a DLL that is used with NT 4 Remote Access Manager,
and I need to be able to write to a table from a DLL.  Whenever I try this
I keep getting an application error in my test program(most likely caused
by the DLL that I wrote).  If anybody knows of where I can find information
on this could you please let me know.


Scott Chappel

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