Post by Andrew Harringto » Tue, 16 Dec 1997 04:00:00

We're moving a five-year old program that uses the VBSQL function
library from VB3 to VB5.  We already had the 32-bit VBSQL control and
the change over seemed easy.  The only real change involved was making
the integers into longs.  Here's the problem:

Everything seems to work except for one particular SQL statement.

"update customer.dbo.order_num_unique set flag=1 where order_node = 9
and flag=0"

The problem occurs when calling SQLCount after looping through
SQLResults and SQLNextRow.  It returns 0 even though the command works
and the table is updated.  We should get a 1.
1)  This code works in VB3.
2)  the SQLCount returns a 1 if "flag = 0" is removed from the
statement.  Unfortunately, we need to keep that in.
3)  The entire statement works if run just after logging on the the

We'd prefer not to switch to RDO because we've got so much time invested
based on VBSQL.  If you think the change over would be worth it, please
let us know.
Thanks for any ideas.

Andrew Harrington
Wall Street On Demand