Package and Deployment Wizard Error 743

Package and Deployment Wizard Error 743

Post by David Storm » Wed, 09 Jun 1999 04:00:00

When attempting to create a new setup file, I am receiving an error after
pressing the Package button, just after the message 'Searching additional
file dependencies I get the message 'PDCMDLN caused an exception 103H in
module RPCRT4.DLL, followed by the message:
'Unexpected error number 743 has occurred. unable to create or activate a
new instance of PDWizard.PackageWizPanels.'

At this point the wizard stops and goes back to the main screen. I have
installed VB6 srvpak3 but did not help. I have the problem on a Win98 and a
Win95 machine. I have reloaded VB6 on both.



1. Errors from VB6 Package & Deployment Wizard

I have written an OCX control in VB6 which uses a Sheridan Data Widget
control and therefore has a dependency of SSDW3B32.OCX. The VB6 Package &
Deployment wizard correctly picks up this file but on some machines BUT not
all I get the following error when the setup program for my controlis run:
Error occured while registering the file c:\windows\system\ssdw3b32.ocx

I am using my control to connect to SQL Server 6.5 via ADO and bring back
some records and using this control in a client server Access 97 app.

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